Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rule number 1 - Relationship are the base of Marketing.

My Eight Rules are going to change the way every person does business online. These points are a composite mixture of business tactics and ideas from different writers. I would like to thank all of them in pursuing me to write on these points.

Everyone is more comfortable buying from someone they know and trust. If a customer has a relationship with a salesperson, they are more likely to refer to them for information and most likely make a purchase from them. Why? Because, customers do not like a lot of surprises. They want to know a brand will deliver. If it fails to deliver, they want to know someone can help them with out a lot of double-talk. Almost any salesperson will tell you that creating a relationship with a customer is the most important part of selling.

This is no different for a product or a brand. If a person has used a particular product and trusts it, than they are more likely to buy it the second time. Again, customers want a product that delivers on its promise and therefore they will buy it again and again.

Like any relationship, this is the result of an ongoing conversation between the customers and the brand. Traditionally, this conversation begins with advertising. If the customers responds, they will proceed to purchase the product. If the salesperson can leverage this conversation into a relationship, they have a sale and customers satisfaction continues.
When successful companies talk about moving customers along the sales process, they are talking about maintaining an ongoing conversation with that customer and building that brand relationship. When successful, it will turn customers into brand loyalist and long term purchasers.

The goal of on and off line marketing is to build awareness, create consideration, induce trial, and affect the final purchase decision. This means creating a relationship between the customers and the brand that is maintained throughout the sales cycle.


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